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Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Training Sunday Mar 9,2008

Title: FREE Printable Stationery

Author: Wes Waddell


FREE Printable and/or downloadable Stationery is nothing more than easy to use predesigned and formatted digital stationery that is readily available at no cost online.  With just a little bit of how-to information and training, also provided on the best free-stationery sites, you are able to open or create your stationery right in your favorite word processor software.  If you don’t happen to use eMail or word processing software,  you can also simply use the downloadable designs (usually in PDF form) for printing through your home printer. That way, you can simply hand write your letters as if the stationery was the kind purchased at a retail or stationery store… it’s just a lot less expensive when you print it yourself.

FREE Digital Stationery is a quick simple solution to your custom stationery needs.  All you need is a computer, eMail or wordprocessing software and a printer, preferably colored. The printer is optional if you will be sending your custom stationery letter by eMail or publishing it online. 

A diverse range of free Printable Stationery is available with a quick search online. That includes photo calendars, letterheads, envelopes, greeting cards, wedding cards, stickers, bookmarks, labels, shopping list, recipe cards, computer scrapbook templates and even small gift-wrapping paper. There is even a special Printable Free-Stationery for children, which is based on themes like animals, birds, flower, nature, toys and cartoons. Best of all, there is no limit to the number of sheets you can download and print and you are never out of the custom stationery page you need since you are creating it yourself.

Custom Printable Stationery is really easy to create and print.  Typically most any word processing, eMail and digital scrapbook software will work.  Some of these programs are even available as a free downloads, so if you do not have the right software already on your computer, you can easily procure it without much hassle.

I do need to point out that some of the websites out there are for Printable Stationery only.  This type of custom digital stationery is designed to be printed as a blank page on a specific paper size only.  Sometimes you even must use their propriatary online software.  This is fine if you are planning on hand writing your letter or card and always have online acccess to their website, but is of no use to those that wish to publish a newsletter or use the special fonts on your computer to write your letters and cards. 

If you must, you can print it, then stick it back in your printer and use your word processor to print over top the page again, but that takes extra time and effort!  My recommendation is to use the web sites that offer your custom stationery in multiple formats for download to your computer. That way you can use the free-stationery designs any way you choose.  Again, the better sites will have clear instructions on how to use and print their products. The best ones will allow for these custom stationery files to be downloaded and will provide premade templates for the most common word processors as well.

By and large, there is a copyright and terms of use agreement posted on the website for you to comply with. Most will be for personal use only, but some will allow for commercial use with special permission.  If you are not sure, just ask the owner.

To sum it all up…

There are a large number of sites on the Internet that are offering professional looking, beautifully designed, free custom downloadable and Printable digital stationery. On the other hand, some of the websites will charge you for using their stationery or for the add-on custom envelopes or address labels. In case you do not find the free stationery you like (doubtful that that will happen..) on the Internet, you can always go for paid designs. But, if you do need a totally custom design made for a special event or occasion, there are quite a number of designers and sites on the Internet who are more than happy to create the Printable Stationery of your dreams!

One last thought…

It’s not as hard as it sometimes looks to learn to use your own custom digital stationeries.  The little bit of time that it takes to learn how to create your own one-of-a-kind letters, cards, scrapbook pages and even personal invitations will pay off in not only saved money, but in respect and lots of positive attention from family, friends and guests when they dote over your creativity and personal touches.

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