Wedding Stationery Downloads

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Good Morning,I’ve got a quick update for you this bright sunny morning, at least it’s bright and sunny here in Colorado Springs this morning…Kathy just uploaded 3 new FREE wedding stationery:

Wedding 945 thru 947

These ones are perfect for not only your wedding invitations and wedding guest books, but make fantastic digital scrapbook backgounds for your wedding albums too.

For our Platinum and Gold members at PrincessCrafts Scrapbooks, Kathy also just finished loading some new scrapbook border and computer scrapbook fantasy theme page tempate sets in both 8.5×11 and 12×12.¬† Just log into your Members Area for…

Borders 19 thru 21

and Fantasy Themes 22 thru 24

For those of you looking for the hard to find masculine type scrapbook papers…

You’ll love Kathy’s new Category: Father’s Day

She moved all the original papers that were hard to find spread out in different areas to the new category and then added dad 16 thru 21.

Remember, all our computer digital scrapbook paper templates come in PDF for easy printing as well as in .PNG format for use in any of your favorite digital scrapbook or photo editing software programs.

If you are not already a member, then get your membership details at:

Happy Scrappin’

Kathy and Wes


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Kids Summer Camp Stationery Kit

Author: kwaddell | Filed under: Training Thursday Apr 10,2008

Author: Wes Waddell

Here’s a great idea for your kids heading off to camp this summer. How about sending them on their way with their own colorful personalized digital stationery kit and a book of stamps? Now it’s easy for them to write you and all their friends.

How can digital stationery help? Easy… you create the designs or use one from any “Free Stationery” download website, you customize the design with their name and address and then simply print the blank pages on your printer. You can even create a supply of matching envelopes with matching designs.

How cool is that?

The best part is that it’s only pennies a page and no one there will have anything like it. You might even send along a few totally blank pages with no name or address so that they can share with their cabin or bunk mates.

Here’s the complete package. Before it’s time to head for summer camp, help each of your children choose a free stationery design from one of the computer stationery websites or if you are good with your computer… help them design their own. Either way, make sure to put their name and address on the stationery (kind of like a business letter does) so that if it gets missplaced it can find it’s way back home easily.

If you want, you can also custom design envelopes to match. No matter what, make sure you preaddress the envelopes with your home address and a couple with addresses from any freinds or family they want to write to while they are gone. That way, you know that they won’t forget an address or make a typo that sends it to the wrong address.

Now, simply pack it all away in a sturdy zip-lock bag with a couple of pens or pencils, and first-class postage stamps. If you followed the suggestions above to address the envelopes in advance, then there’s no need for an address book here that could get lost.

If you happen to drive your child to summer camp, find the camp store while you are there and let your children choose a few post cards of the camp to go with their digital stationery prints; that way they’ll be more likely to write a quick note to relatives and friends. Once the summer is over, any left over stationery can be given to new friends along with their eMail address, so they can keep in touch once they return home.

Encourage (not force) your kids to write to you at least a couple of times a week while at camp. Try and get them to fill you in on the weeks activities and new friends. DON”T throw those letters away after you read them! Save the letters in a bundle or even better yet, add them to a scrapbook with photos and brochure pieces. Then, you can give them to your children when they reach adulthood.

Digital cameras and memory cards are so cheap these days and can capture things that just can’t be put into words. Digital scrapbooks can also be made into real hardbound books that can be treasured for generations to come. The perfect combination to go with the digital stationery, digital camera and digital photos.

By making it easy for your kids to communicate with family and friends while away at summer camp, you also make the separation easier and the child less likely to get a case of the home sick blues. It also makes it easier on mom knowing that their child is safe, having a great time, but is thinking of her often.

About the author:
Wes Waddell is a father of two, grandfather of 5 and owns and it’s parent site Hundreds of FREE Stationery templates in multiple formats along with FREE Training on how to create your own custom digital stationeries usine FREE Software.

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Spring Stationery Downloads

Author: kwaddell | Filed under: FREE Stationery Saturday Apr 5,2008

Hi Free Stationery Friend,

Just a quick update to let you know that Kathy has added 6 new free digital stationeries for download in the spring stationery category:

Spring stationeries 445 thru 450 Find them all at: or our mirror site at:

Look for more new downloadable stationeries next week.

Kathy and Wes

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