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Lion Loose Near Our Home!

Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Site Information Sunday Jul 13,2008

Hi Stationery and Scrapbook Friend,

We had quite the scare yesterday and most of today around here. Someone reported seeing a real lion just a few minutes from our house and got a blurry photo of it.

We had the police, the zoo and animal control along with lots of guns and helicopters swarming the area until late this afternoon when the finally called off the search.

As it turns out, we have a wild animal preserve just a few miles east of our house that we didn’t even know was there… it’s pretty spread out here east of Colorado Springs.

The good news is that after analyzing the image and enhancing it as much as they could, it turned out to most likely be a large dog. The wild life preserve counted all their cats 4 times just to be sure, but none of them were missing.

So, the only big cats we had turned out to be the ones we have in our digital scrapbook Animals category on

Now we can go back to walking in the afternoons again…

Before you go and since I don’t want to send out another message when I can combine them all…

Kathy just finished uploading the new “Down By The Sea” hi-res digital scrapbook kits on for you. Just go to the Catalog and look at the newly added kits near the bottom of the page.

For our Gold and Platinum Members; Kathy also just added Journaling sets 41 through 43 in the Heritage Category, Retirement sets 4 through 6 in the Special Occasions Category, Sports 21 through 23 and Summer 52 through 54 to both the 12×12 and the 8.5×11 Members Areas.

Members can find the new sets on their recently added page inside their members areas. If you’re not a member, but still would like to take a look, check out the thumbnails at:

One last note to all our members…

There’s 6 new Travel Stationeries (476 through 481) at no cost waiting for you at: They make fantastic digital scrapbook page background too!

That’s all we got for you this week,

Kathy and Wes

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