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Make Your Holiday Cards Totally Memorable

Author: kwaddell | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Training Friday Dec 18,2009
Make Your Holiday Cards Memorable
We got a great idea for Holiday Cards from one of our members a while back and I want to pass it on here again. It’s the perfect way to turn a simple Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza card into a real keepsake.
Whether you make your cards or use holiday cards from the store, adding a family year in review letter on the inside will turn the card from just a nice gesture into a keepsake that friends and family look forward to receiving each year. I know we sure do.
If you make your own cards, and it’s so easy with digital scrapbook techniques and some card stock; you can easily print the inside of the card with a special holiday stationery and place your letter right there on the inside.
If you use boxed cards from the store, you can still put them through your printer and put a short letter on the blank part of the cards inside. If that isn’t enough room, you can use another sheet of paper and print your stationery and letter there. Then just include the letter with the card.
You may even want to turn the letter into a PDF file so friends and family can download it from your personal web site or you can eMail it to them complete with decorative stationery.
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