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FREE Holiday Stationery and Photo Calendar Templates Team Up

Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Site Information, Training Thursday Dec 2,2010

FREE Photo Calendars as Holiday Gifts

Hi Free Stationery Friend,

Today, I’ve been working on my own families 2011 photo calendars.  I give them to both my side and my hubbies side of the family each year for Christmas. Of course, they work great for Hanakkah and Kwanza too.

I actually have to!

See, two years ago, I did it for my brother and sisters & my husbands sister and parents.  Everyone showed everyone else and the rest of the family and before I knew it, I had been tasked with creating 4 more for my aunt, my parents, my cousin and hubbies aunt.

Now, everyone in the family starts sending me their summer and fall photos the end of November so that they can have their new personalized photo calendars for Christmas.  It’s so popular in fact, I’ve got my sister-in-law helping me out this year so we can get them all done.

It really doesn’t take too long for each calendar, as I put all of one side of the families birthdays and anniversaries on one set of calendar templates, then make another copy with the other side of the families dates.

Then I create about half the picture calendar with photos from family events and gatherings that work for the whole family.  The other half of the photo calendar pages get custom images of the family the calendar is for on them.

Since the calendar templates have all the graphics and formatting done for me (I made them that way), it takes me less than 5 minutes per page to paste the family holiday photos behind the transparent openings and to add my personal journaling text to each page.  The only time consuming part is gathering all the family scrapbook photos and placing them into separate directories for each person.

So easy to do and yet so personal a holiday gift.  You can print them yourselves as I’ve created the calendar templates to fit on standard 8.5×11 photo paper, card stock or other paper.  You can even put them on your thumb drive (usb drive) or on a photo cd and have them printed at any photo lab. 

It really is the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any other holiday or birthday event.  I’ve even made them for baby shower gifts using mom’s pregnancy photos and first photos of the baby after they are born.

All the common holiday dates are there for you and you can insert text to add any other anniversary, birthday or event on the dates you want. There’s plenty of extra room.

Here’s my finished page for December 2011… what do you think?

The Lucas Dec 2011 Photo Calendar Page

Kim and David Lucas

The perfect holiday gift and plenty of time to download them and get them done in time for your holiday gift giving.

The templates are at: and you can also get your FREE Holiday Stationer for your Holiday letter writing at:

Happy Holidays,

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