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Monday Feb 25,2008

Who we are…

FREE-Stationery.com is among the world’s BEST in FREE printable digital stationery pages. Open, online, 24 hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year. FREE-Stationery.com (part of 1-Computer-Stationery.com) features high quality products, for all your holiday and special occassion letter stationery needs. The site is updated regularly with more new free stationery template pages. So, it’s a great idea to bookmark us and check back often.

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New Service! 8 1/2×11 and A4 Size Printable Stationery Pages:
PDF Format computer stationery pages. If you have or are looking to locate free stationery to print from and easy to use PDF fomat, we have the pages you’ve been searching for.

With FREE-Stationery.com’s new service you can:

•Save lots of money by printing your own A4 or 8.5×11 stationery pages. Why pay 50 cents or more per page when you can print your own for less than a tenth that amount.
•Save days of searching, laying out and completing your free stationery pages. We have more than 400 pages on this site alone to choose from and are adding more all the time. With just a few minutes of your time and your trusty computer printer, you can add your own personal touches and even a few accessories to your page and print the final stationery all at once.
•Create one of a kind letter stationery pages. Our MS Word .DOT/PDF pages will wake up your creative genius inside. We may provide the ideas that get you started, but it’s your creativity that finishes the page. That’s what makes each page a one-of-a-kind work or art… unless you make your own copies, of course.
Note: Free Stationery.com gives you permission to use our stationery for your business as well!

You’ll never run out of the page you need with us by your side.

Printable Computer Stationery:
If you send lots of e-mail, written letters or maintain a newsletter for your family, business or organization… have we got the site for you.

Hundreds of FREE printable computer stationeries in various different categories. Something for everyone! Microsoft Word, OpenOffice (graphical) and PDF format. Compatible with most word processors now as well. You also have the option to print them and then hand write your letters if you desire. It’s all up to you.

8½x11 and A4 size Printable Stationery Pages:
If your looking for the standard 8½x11 Printable Journaling and Scrapbook Pages or the European A4 standard, then you’ve already found just what you’re looking for.

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Advertise with us:
Send an e-mail to the address at the top of the page and a representative will provide information about advertising on the FREE-Stationery.com and PrincessCrafts Associated Web sites.

Business Development:
Companies interested in partnering with us should contact Wes and Kathy at the above address with your proposals.

We are always looking for new Joint Ventures.

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