Take Your Free Stationery Camping With You

Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Training Friday Aug 3,2012

Just a quick tip today for those of you that love to camp and travel.

You can take your www.Free-Stationery.com free stationery downloads with you on your trip.

1. Save your favorite summer/camping/picnic stationery in your favorite format on your laptop and write your memories and letters there with you in the evenings so you don’t forget anything.

2. No Laptop? No problem, just print your favorite summer themed stationery out in a few copies and take them with you. Now you can handwrite your letters home to family and friends as well as save your trips memories each evening.

Have a safe trip!

Kathy and Wes

www.Free-Stationery.com and www.1-Computer-Stationery.com



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You Can Do That With Stationery? Wear Your Stationery Proudly

Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Training Wednesday Jun 13,2012

Wear Your Stationery Proudly

by: Gretchen Richards

When most people think of stationery, they assume that it can be used for nothing more than writing letters home on. What most people don’t realize is that stationery can be used in a myriad of creative ways. At Indigo Twine (http://indigotwine.com) we specialize in finding creative ways to use everyday items and turn them into the unexpected.

What makes stationery into something to write on depends on what it is printed on. When you use a thicker card stock paper, the stationery becomes a creative invitation or colorful announcement. But what about when you want to wear the stationery?

In crafting sections of well stocked department stores around the world, a product called Ink Jet Transfer Paper is showing up. Usually sold in packs of only a few sheets at a time, it can be somewhat expensive, but if you have an idea, an ink jet printer, and an iron, you’ve got a customized fabric to show off proudly.

What most people don’t know about the iron on transfer paper for your ink jet printer is that exactly what is on the page is what transfers onto your shirts… blank spots and all. This is sold for light shirts, where the paper color is white. It is also sold for dark shirts, where the paper color is black. Other colors aren’t offered. This means that if you want to transfer your image onto a green shirt, for example, and choose the light paper for the purpose, that you will end up with chunks of white transferred onto the shirt as well as your image.

This is where the stationery comes in handy. With so many topics and colors to choose from, you can select an image with a shaded background. Save the PDF file to your computer, somewhere that you can find it easily. Open it, and on regular paper, print it out. You want to get an idea for where the borders and the designs are by looking at it. As soon as the printer finishes, grab a pencil and place a mark on the side of the paper that is further away from the printer. This will be the side that you want the printer to grab first later.

Once you have a regular paper copy of the stationery printed out, open your word processor. In a second area of your screen, open your picture library. Select those pictures that you would like to be part of your iron on transfer. Grab the picture with your mouse, and pull it over to your word processor. Let go of the photograph.

The picture will pop up in your word processor, ready to use. There will be little boxes around the outside of the picture. Grab these and drag them in or out to make the picture bigger or smaller, as you like. You can place the picture to the left or right using your word processor’s text alignment buttons. Move the picture down on the page by striking the enter button with your cursor in front of the picture.

Arrange your photographs into a way that you enjoy. You can even add text between the photographs by typing on the word processor. When you think you have it so that the pictures will line up as you want them on the stationery, return to your printer. Place the paper face up with the identifying mark you made on it closest to the printer. Put this paper on the top of the paper feed. Return to your computer and hit print again.

If you have done everything correctly, the printer should print your pictures and text directly on top of the stationery design. When the printing has finished, examine your final product. If you aren’t happy with it, tweak the photograph positions or the sizing on your word processor. Repeat the process on plain paper until you are happy with the results.

Once you are happy with how it looks on plain paper, put your iron-on transfer paper onto the top of your printer tray. Print your stationery first, then put the transfer paper back on the printer tray like you did when you were practicing and arranging everything earlier. Make sure your stationery is facing the right way. Hit print on your word processor.

When it is done printing, trim the edges down with scissors, then follow the instructions on the packaging to transfer it onto the cloth of your choice. This is perfect for making custom t-shirts, canvas bags, or even place mats for the table that will be unique to you. Using the stationery will give your designs a classic frame, and do away with the white background problem that you would otherwise have.

P.S. Can you imagine a letter to mom for Mother’s Day or one to Dad on Father’s Day put on a shirt they can proudly wear? Is that a family treasure or what?

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Found a FREE Easter Ducky Photo Scrapbook Card Download for You.

Author: Wes | Filed under: Site Information, Training Tuesday Mar 27,2012

easter2012Just thought I would let you know that Kathy has a new Easter Ducky themed Mini-Scrapbooking or Easter Card template for you to download today.

No signups and no hassles to get it either!

Just go to:

PrincessCrafts Scrapbooking’s Main Page and follow the simple directions there to get it.

Have fun and have a wonderful Easter Weekend next week,



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Free Valentines Day Stationery Downloads Added

Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Training Monday Jan 16,2012

Hi Valentines Day Love Letter Fans!

Just finished uploading 3 “Brand New” Valentines Day Stationery for your download pleasure at: www.Free-Stationery.com

I know you’ll love these and the others that are already there.

They are in both 8.5×11 and A4 sizes and come as .jpg, .pdf and in Microsoft Word .dot template formats.

Remember, a personal letter to your loved one is 100 times better than any card or box of chocolates could ever be. It’s the thought that really counts and taking the time to tell someone in detail how much they really mean to you is by far the best way to show how much your really care.

Here’s to making this the best Valentines Day you ever had!

Wes and Kathy

P.S. The free stationery downloads make great love coupons and scavenger love hunt guides too!



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Valentines Day Love Letter Stationery FREE Downloads

Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Site Information, Training Friday Jan 13,2012

It’s that time of the year again people,

Valentines Day is just around the corner. I know, you just finished with the big holiday season, but this may be the biggest holiday of your year… that is for anyone that has someone special in their lives!

Let’s face it, cards and a box of chocolates or flowers just say I didn’t have time to do anything special for you, but at least I remembered the day.

On the other hand, a hand written love letter (or one done on the computer) that takes the time to tell them just how special they really are and how much they mean to you…

Well, I don’t have to tell you just how much that will mean to them and just how much they will brag to all their friends and family of how much you really care. They say that the fine are of the love letter is lost! We all know that that is a myth, what has been lost is loved ones taking the actual time to compose and really personalize their letters to loved ones.

Let’s actually take the time this year and document in writting, just what that special someone means to you. The memories and love you preserve in writing will come back to you 100 times over! That’s a promise!

Here’s to making this the Valentines Day they will never forget,

Kathy and Wes


P.S. Our FREE Valentines Day Stationery also make for great Scavenger Hunt Checklists to your heart and …?


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Free Christmas Stationery in A3 Size Question

Author: Wes | Filed under: FREE Stationery, Training Saturday Nov 26,2011

Hi everyone,

Had a great question from Viv in Spain who was using our Christmas Holiday free stationery downloads for signs and posters in their Children’s Cancer Fund Raising Charity.

Viv wanted to know if she could have the 8.5×11 or A4 sized holiday stationery printed in an A3 format size?

The answer is yes, but it’s going to take some page modifications to do it.  For those of you that are familier with Microsoft Word editing, it probably will be fairly easy. For those that are not well versed in MS Word, it’s going to take a little more effort to learn how it’s done.

Here’s the short version:

First, I found that the 8.5×11 size is better to size at the A3 format as the A4 format is quite a bit narrower and the figures and graphics don’t look as good when resized. You may want to experiment on your own to see what you like better.

I downloaded and opened the 8.5×11 Christmas Holiday stationery she wanted and then used the “File”, Page Setup menu and set the paper size to Custom 11.7×16.5 inches. That’s the A3 size in inches. Newer versions of Word may come with the A3 option already there, mine did not.

Once that was done, you’ll find that the graphics no longer fit the page.

Go into the View – Header/Footer view and click on the graphic so that it is outlined for resizing. You may need to shrink it slightly first to get all 4 corners to show on the page. Don’t worry if all the graphic is not in view, we’ll tackle that last. As long as it’s outlined you are good to go.

Now, grab the lower right corner and drag it to size the width of the page. Next, grab the bottom middle (small square) and drag the size to fit the bottom.

Now, if you look at the top margin bar, you’ll see that the white viewable area is smaller than the page. Use your mouse to drag the right side of the white margin all the way to the right side and you’ll see the rest of your graphic come into view. Don’t tough the left margin or the small right side margin triangle as they are set in page view, not border view.

Now, just close the header/footer view and set your margine areas and adjust the header/footer margines if needed.

You are all set to go and most of our graphic images will look just great at this size for you.

For those of you that are not that good with Microsoft Word and are working for a charity, school or other non profit, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help you get what you need and even formate a couple of stationery pages for you and email them direct should you need that.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanza everyone!




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